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Hmm.. this is supposed to be where I tell you about myself, but I thought that was what the main page was for. Oops. Oh well. If you really want to learn about me, I suggest you visit my other website. There is a link at the bottom of this page. Pauly Shore is one of my favourite actors, so that is why I put his picture on this page.

The History Behind My Site
I am creating this site for my second year computers class. This class is taught at Auburn H.S. My teacher is Mr. Mitchell. I did have a different teacher first semester, but due to the schedule changing, I got moved to another class, with a different teacher.

My Friends
Here are some of my best friends:
Jamie -- Jamie is 17 yrs old and attends Harlem H. S. We have been best friends for about 8 years. Her parents, Richard and Betty, are awesome, and I consider them to be my adopted parents.
Katie -- Katie is my younger cousin and my other best friend. I have known her for 13 years, her whole life. We haven't always been close, but we've been good friends for the past few years.
Ilea -- Ilea is probably my best friend at A.H.S., although we don't have much in common. She is 16 yrs old and in 10th grade. We ride the same bus, and have gym class and did have Driver's Ed together. Right now for gym we have bowling, and our team is undefeated.
Ryan -- Ryan is my second cousin and also attends Auburn. He is quite strange, but also nice and he's always entertaining to talk to.
Dave -- Dave is a guy I met at Betty's place of employment. He is really cool, and he helped me put pics of Katie on my other site.

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Link To My Other Site
Amber's 'Cool' Website


"You want me to save the world. I'm just a little girl." -Marilyn Manson